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About me:

Chilena | 29 years old | Freelance artist | She/her

Hello! Nice to meet you! my name is Pamela Ojeda, also may be known as Drawloverlala, I am a freelance artist from Chile, and I love drawing!

I really like to draw fan art of characters and series I like, specially fan comics! I mostly draw in digital art, but I occacionally also draw things on tradicional.

I made this site as a main art gallery of sorts and to try to build a more personalized and comfortable corner in the internet where I can put my art on.


  • Spanish: Native Language
  • English: Avanced Medium level
  • My Art tools ✏

    • Program : Clip Studio Paint.
    • Graphic Tablet: Wacom Intuos S.


    • Undertale/Deltarune.
    • Megaman X.
    • Sonic the hedgehog.
    • Chiptune, Lofi and City-pop.
    • Porcelain Crafts.
    • Pastry and deserts!
    • Succulents and cacti

    More about me :

    • I really like tiny flowers.
    • I love rainy days and how clouds look after the rain is over.
    • My favorite season is Fall.
    • I LOVE stationary items and art supply stores.
    • I hate nosebleeding.
    • I never take anything for granted.
    • My birthday is on May 5.